The Essential Tips for Irrigation


Many people tend to go for the manual kind of irrigation since they believe sprinkler systems use too much water. With the rising advancement in technology, there are some irrigation techniques the homeowners can utilize.

Sprinkler irrigation is one of the preferred means of irrigating your lawn. When conducting irrigation, sprinkler type should be considered. When watering your grass, the in ground sprinklers is one of the preferred modes among the professionals.  Sprinkler irrigation proves the most efficient when it comes to yard maintenance.  Those who are installed permanently also aids in increasing the resale value of your home.  However, the pulsating sprinkler system becomes an alternative to those who don’t have the in ground types and are not loaning to invest in it either.

Your lawn should be equally wetted.  In such a case, it is advisable that you work with a skilled personnel to install and conduct the test on the sprinkler system.  The homeowner can also conduct this by placing containers around the yard and turning on the system.  Upon series of sprinkling, you should make a comparison to the amount of water in the container and accordingly adjust the levels if necessary.   It saves water when you sprinkle water indiscriminately.  Know about Landscaping Greenwich here!

Water is absorbed well when watering is conducted slowly.   You need to think of watering your grass in advance.  Depending on how big or small your lawn is, this is an activity that may take hours, and it is not advisable that you rush on the watering process.  Irrigation should be conducted slowly to allow enough time for absorption.   Run off is always caused by quick irrigation process. The surest way to irrigate a yard is by diving it into small parts before conducting the sprinkling per part. The settling of water in the soil is assured this way.

Routine sprinkling is also one of the things that is considered to be essential.  During a hot season, it is advisable to wet for not less than once in every three days.  A healthy lawn can be gotten through proper irrigation during the dry which allows more water penetration into the grass roots. It is not healthy to irrigate the grass daily since this discourage the growth. Get Lawn Care Greenwich CT here!

The soil should be made wet up to six inches underground when conducting irrigation.

 Morning hours offer the best time to conduct irrigation.  This is because the air is cooler during these hours and there is the wind is calm.  Watering during these times allows for the thorough soaking of water in the soil.    This also permits the drying out of water before the rising of the sun.


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